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Quality Commitment and Philosophy
Indo Schöttle is a TS 16949 certified company. The company believes firmly in:
  Building quality into its processes
  Timely service in product development and supply to customers
  Continuous Improvement as a way of life

Our Quality Philosophy is extended to company team members, its partners and subcontractors who have all been trained to adopt the Indo Schöttle Quality and Continuous Improvement Philosophy as a way of life. People, processes, inputs, skills, tools and environment are routinely assessed for improvements.

We truly believe that customers are the center of our universe at Indo Schöttle. We relentlessly look for new ways to exceed customer expectations.

We study our processes from the “outside in” to better understand the transaction life cycle from the customer’s viewpoint, so we can discover what they are seeing and feeling. With this knowledge, we can identify areas where we can add significant value or improvement from their perspective.

Every process owner is part of a larger cross functional team. All teams are trained in the seven steps of problem solving and they collect and analyze their own data towards Continuous Improvement.

At Indo Schöttle  our Continuous Improvement Programs involve extensive use of all the quality tools and the best of several improvement philosophies – if you visit us, you can see the examples of use of Kaizen, Six Sigma and Ishikawa as well as Lean Manufacturing Philosophy being used to teach our teams how to improve and optimize.

Our people are being trained to understand Benchmarking as a tool for improvement, Brainstorm using the seven-step structure for problem solving as well as for new ideas. Fundamentals of Kaizen, PDCA are also incorporated into their quality training.

Many statistical tools are used for tracking and problem solving. Commonly used tools include Paretos, Control Charts, Ishikawa’s Fishbone for root cause analysis, Histograms, Regression analysis etc. Case studies are presented to the work force and improvements published regularly. Teams are incented to work on improvements in their areas of work.

At Indo Schöttle, quality is truly a way of life…

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