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Cold Forging
Cold forming processes are used to provide superb products with consistently high mechanical properties and quality.

Cold Forging Machine : Nedschroef Belgium
Capacity : 50 Million pieces per annum
Stations : 5  Horizontal
Tonnage : 230 tons
Toolings : From Nedschroef (Using  Eezee to Flow Software)



Outer Forged Diameter maximum : 35 mm
Length of forged component : 145 mm
Maximum Weight of Component : 150 gm
Input Raw material Diameter : 8 mm to 18 mm
Input Cutoff Length max. : 175 mm
Tonnage of the Machine : 230 Tons


Steel : 16MnCr5, SCM 415H, SAE 52100 etc (Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper – Feasibile)

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