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Product Range
Indo Scohottle currently has the following product range and installed
capacities, but have the ability to scale up based on customer requirement.

Engine Valve Collets  
The collets are used as a pair to hold the inlet and exhaust valves in the engine. These are used widely in all four-stroke internal combustion engines. more
Turbocharger Parts  
Turbocharger Components are power-enhancing devices used on diesel & petrol engines. They give us the added benefit of reducing emission by improving combustion efficiency. more

Fuel System Parts  
Indo Schottle manufactures Fuel System Parts & Assemblies like Hydraulic Tappets, sockets and injector couplings. These are fine tolerance components requiring high precision manufacturing equipment. more
Cold Forging  
Cold forming processes are used to provide superb products with consistently high mechanical properties and quality. more

Rocker Arm Screw  
Rocker Arm Screws are components of the valve train used in conjunction with the Rocker Arm to adjust the engine valve settings. more
Fluid Power Assemblies  
Indo Schöttle makes hydraulic system parts. The component involves precision manufacturing equipment and gauging. more
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