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At Indo Schöttle, we have a strong sense of social responsibility. Indo Schöttle’s desire to do good work does not end with the products we offer our clients. We are committed to serving our nation through our core values and involvement with the local community. Delivering value to society and improving the standard of living of our people and those in surrounding areas is very important to us. We have always believed that our success is tied to the well-being of the communities where we do business and where our associates work and live.

We have created numerous employment opportunities in remote areas, where means of sustenance are otherwise limited.

Apart from this, adult and child education has been something we take great pride in sponsoring and promoting. We are building three schools which will serve to educate the children from the local villages and create a vibrant new breed of educated youngsters who will take the initiatives forward. We involve the locals in these programs; so participation, feeling of belonging and pride is naturally present.

Most ideas take shape during early childhood, we have taken great effort to create, through our programs, health and disease awareness. We sponsor inoculation drives towards improving immunity levels and educating both the child and the adult in the villages on the dangers of ignoring these basic aspects of health, preventive measures, hygiene and nutrition. While the basics remain our core focus, patronage of the arts, particularly music is something we are proud to participate in. We promote classical art through sponsorship of musical programs and an exhibition hall dedicated to the promotion of the arts.

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